Kazzcade’s mission is to bring new tech solutions to the forefront, making your life easier in the process. We want to save you the hassle of finding these on your own, which is why we’re sharing some of our favorite new products and software. If you’re on the hunt for a wireless local area network (WLAN), Juniper Networks is a top choice. How can your business benefit from this product in particular? Let’s find out.

Why Choose Juniper Networks?

For enterprise wireless and wired solutions, Juniper Networks has been the preferred partner for many brands. Finding a service that is able to support your needs without the worry of common issues can be a task, but here’s how Juniper eases those burdens off of you and your business.

Resiliency and Security

When an unplanned outage occurs, you want to be sure there’s no disruption in your wireless LAN system. That’s why Juniper offers a seamless transition to backup controllers in these instances of power failure, meaning less of a headache for you in the event of an emergency.

Having a secure network is a must, and Juniper is dedicated to security. As the only vendor in the industry to seamlessly enable policy orchestration between WLAN, VPN, network access control (NAC), and firewall across wired/wireless networks, they’re fortifying wireless security by integrating with the wired infrastructure. This makes IT management easier as well.

In-Service Software Upgrades

Tired of software upgrades taking up valuable time? Juniper allows users to perform in-service software upgrades on a live wireless network, which means zero interruption. Whether a planned or emergency update occurs, you’ll find comfort in this feature’s ability to continue workflows.

Manageability and Expansion

Juniper’s manageability and scalability are built into the network, which allows IT staff to manage an entire group of controllers as one logical entity while using fewer resources. Plus, their WLAN solution offers flexibility with business evolution and scaling. Any additions, moves, or changes are completely automated and non-disruptive to user sessions.

Mobile Device Support and RF Expertise

Juniper is the only vendor to combine mobile device management with mobile security, making it much simpler for onboarding mobile devices to the wireless network while still being secure.

As for their RF intelligence, Juniper has the most advanced system, which includes full-spectrum analysis. This significantly simplifies the role of IT in managing complex RF spectrum by using sophisticated RF algorithms to automatically load-balance clients.

Simple Management for All

Juniper provides the only full lifecycle management application in the industry, including three-dimensional and spectrum analysis planning. They also provide the most complete guest access application with a more cost-effective and manageable WLAN solution.

Enterprise Technology of the Future

Any technological advancement at your company requires due diligence to select the right option. When searching for wireless and wired solutions, partner with an industry leader with forward-thinking technology, like Juniper Networks.

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