Why I Believe a Freight Recession is Imminent

Freight traffic is long considered a leading indicator of economic trends. Here are some keen insights into real-time traffic from an industry insider.

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Author: FreightWaves.  Read: 12 min 


Real Estate as an Inflation Hedge

Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work

A very insightful angle to look at real estate as a competitive advantage within an organization and how to get exposure to it via equities. Something to keep in mind when evaluating companies.

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Author: Chris Mayer  Read: 9 min

‘It’s Super Spectacular.’ See How the Tonga Volcano Unleashed a Once-in-a-Century Shockwave

The Current Financial Thing

Tonga’s underwater volcano eruption spawned a tsunami that devastated many of its islands and struck far-off shores. It also “generated something that scientists hadn’t seen in more than half a century: a planetary-scale pressure wave, or shockwave, in the atmosphere. The wave circled Earth for days.” 

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Author: Aatish Bhatia and Henry Fountain  Read: 5 min.


Sunday Bonus: Why Thinking About Inflation Leads to More Inflation

The Popular Electronics Chain That Scammed America

When thinking about a problem is, in itself, a problem, you’ve got a problem. The average American is expected to need an additional ~$5k this year to live the same life they did last year, and many Americans lack confidence in current economic policies to fight inflation. What’s worse — if people and businesses just expect inflation to continue into the future, inflationary psychology could take hold and lead to even higher prices, salaries, and spending. Here’s how. Read Here

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