Investing in the Future | Cathie Wood, Chris Burniske, Yassine Elmandjra

Cathie Wood, the founder of Ark Investments, has trounced the equity markets the last few years, by focusing on investing in cutting-edge technology. Awesome interview with her and her top analysts around the exponential growth opportunities in the blockchain/crypto space. Understanding she bought Bitcoin in 2014, definitely worth a listen.  

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Sky Mavis: The Builders Behind Axie Infinity 

How to Become the Best in the World at Something

Axie is an NFT, play-to-earn game. Look at this revenue growth…$100,000 of revenue in January, over $190,000,000 of revenue in July, and over $360,000,000 in August. This is a great interview with the founder and lead VC investor. Enjoy.  

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The Interface Phase

NASA Mars Helicopter Nails 12th Flight, Scouts Ahead for Perseverance Rover

We shape our interfaces; thereafter, they shape us. It’s early, but there are clues of what new interfaces might look like. New digital spaces are springing up around the internet and evolving every day. Wallets like MetaMask, Phantom, and Rainbow are changing how we log in, and what we bring with us when we do. Web3 worlds like Decentraland, Somnium Space, The Sandbox, and Cyber are reimagining how we experience and interact online. Let’s explore how new interfaces and spaces might bring web3 mainstream. 

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Sunday Extra: $60k/mo. Selling Magic Lemonade or How Small Products Generate Big Revenue

Trends analysts were digging around Amazon and came across “butterfly pea flower tea.” It’s an antioxidant-rich herbal tea with a ton of health benefits, and it turns different colors when the pH balance changes (earning the tea its nickname, “magic lemonade”). One Amazon seller brings in $60k/mo. in revenue selling 1.76-oz. bags of the stuff. Via The Hustle
Sunday Extra: Amazon is Hiring Everyone

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