Focus – Interview with Ravi Gupta

Ravi spent a decade in private equity at KKR before joining Instacart as their first CFO and COO. He navigated them through a critical moment in their history and returned to investing in 2019 as a partner at Sequoia. The discussion gets to the heart of what it means to build and invest in great businesses, and the personal side of this journey, which tends to get overlooked. 

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Author: Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy   Listen: 1 hr 17 min

Inventing Demand

“One of the broad problems the world economy has run into repeatedly over the last two and a half decades is that, in the aggregate and especially in specific industries, there’s either a supply glut that, in combination with mildly protectionist policies, holds back global demand, or there’s a persistent capacity shortage because everyone who can make capital expenditures is convinced that demand will evaporate by the time their new capacity comes on line.”

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Author: The Diff  Read: 8 min

 On The Front Lines of Space Innovation

MIT News profiled a Cyprus-born, life-long learner who is developing technologies to make life on Mars sustainable. After a long, successful career at Bain, George Loros was so inspired watching SpaceX’s reusable rockets that he re-enrolled at MIT to research and develop tech that could be used on the Red Planet.

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Author: Olivia Young for MIT News    Read: 7 min

 Sunday Bonus: Why Gas is Actually Cheap in America

Gas is at record-high prices in the United States, but it still costs far less than elsewhere in the world. And in the long run, Americans might pay for that privilege. Read More


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