Good Stablecoins, a Protocol for Money, and Digital Wallets

There has been a lot of conversation and debate in the US lately about stablecoins, crypto, and other digital assets. The systems we have today are costly, slow, and not interconnected. There are still 62 million Americans who are unbanked or underbanked — people left behind by the current system and stuck in the cash economy. Change is long overdue. It’ll happen one way or another. 

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Author: David Marcus.  Read: 10 min. 


Back to the Future: Myspace and Gen Z Digital Identity

Digital identity is no longer about siloed personalities, disjointed behavior, sharp lines between work and play. For people who have lived their entire lives on the internet—people who will spend more and more time in virtual worlds over the coming decades—online identity is an extension of unvarnished, unairbrushed offline identity. 

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Author: Rex Woodbury.  Read: 12 min. 

Bad News: Selling the Story of Disinformation

The article explores a complex information phenomenon that increasingly encompasses our social lives, but many of us don’t really understand. One important point the piece makes is that worries about social media are, in moderate doses, very beneficial to social media companies. If the average person thinks that Russia can use Facebook to swing an election, they’re also likely to think that running ads of their own on Facebook will grow their business. 

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Author: Joseph Bernstein.  Read:  11 min 

Sunday Bonus: How Caffeine Has Fueled History

90% of the world’s adults consume some form of caffeine everyday, making it the most widely used psychoactive drug on Earth. Michael Pollan, author of “This Is Your Mind On Plants,” explains why. Michael goes into the history of coffee drinking, breaking down its origins and how it benefits humankind.

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