How the Internet Happened

Interview with Peter Chernin

With Web3 gathering more momentum than ever before across the tech ecosystem, what can we learn from the recent past of tech adoption? In this episode from December 2018, author and podcaster Brian McCullough talks with a16z general partner Chris Dixon about the origins of the internet, based on Brian’s book, How the Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone.

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Author: a16z Podcast, Andreessen Horowitz  Listen: 47 min


The Beginning of Infinity, Part 1

Great podcast done by Naval Ravikant and Brett Hall! In great clarity, they explained and summarized the book, ‘The Beginning of Infinity”, by David Deutsch. Science is the study of truth. It is an explanatory framework and an error-correcting mechanism.

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Author: Naval  Listen: 1 hr 6 min

Global Supply Chains: Efficiency vs Resiliency

The Future of Solo Capitalists

This article takes a look at global macro implications that are arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the associated response of global sanctions. 

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Author: Lyn Alden  Read: 13 min.


Sunday Bonus: How Cryptocurrency Works

An illustrated guide on how cryptocurrency works. View Here

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