How Much AAPL Makes Per Minute and Best Inventions of 2021
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Outlook 2022: The Long Road to Higher Rates

Outlook 2022 The Long Road to Higher Rates

Coming off a year of surging global growth and inflation, Goldman Sachs Research expects 2022 to be broadly defined by more moderate expansion and normalizing monetary policy as the world navigates the next leg of an unusual pandemic recovery. Our economists now see the Federal Reserve responding to above-target inflation with the first interest rate hike in mid-2022, joining several advanced and emerging economies that will already be well into their tightening cycles at that point. 

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Author: Goldman Sachs Research.  Read: 45 min 


How Four NFT Novices Created a Billion-Dollar Ecosystem of Cartoon Apes

How Four NFT Novices Created a Billion-Dollar Ecosystem of Cartoon Apes

Bored Ape Yacht Club became internet rock stars by making NFTs of grungy simians that aren’t just viral images — they’re tickets to a whole new lifestyle. While the crypto community may have been asking who they were, the general public started wondering what all the fuss was about. Even Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry started using his ape as his Twitter profile picture, for all of his 15.5 million followers to behold. 

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Author: Samantha Hissong.  Read: 5 min 

The Best Inventions of 2021

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Every year, TIME highlights inventions that are making the world better, smarter, and a bit more fun. The result is a list of 100 groundbreaking inventions—including vaccines for COVID-19 and malaria, an emotional support robot for hospitalized children, an environmentally friendly dye for jeans, and a brand new pasta shape—that are changing how we live, work, play, and think about what’s possible.

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Author: Time.   Read: 25 min.


Sunday Bonus: In the Time It Takes You to Read This Sentence, Apple Made $20k

In the Time It Takes You to Read This Sentence, Apple Made $20k

 It’s hard to comprehend how quickly Apple rakes it in. In the 12 months ended Sept. 25, 2021, the company saw $365.8B+ in net sales. Of that, ~$192B came from iPhone, ~$68.4B from services, ~$38.4B from wearables, ~$35.2B from Mac, and ~$31.9B from iPad. That’s $1B+ every day, ~$41.8m every hour, ~$696k every minute, or ~$11.6k every second. 

Author: The Hustle

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