It was a challenge to double the number of product demonstrations in one month, but we did it! In this blog post, we will discuss how we achieved this goal by eating our own dog food. Specifically leveraging our own demand generation platform, its intent data, AI-generated copy, and sixteen automated outreach actions per contact, across four different channels. We will also share the results of our strategy and what we learned along the way.


  • Eight target accounts with 73 total contacts in ICP.
  • 16-18 outreach steps per contact, across four different channels. (Phone, email, SMS, LNKD).
  • AI-optimized copy.
  • 26 days to execute.
  • Engagement Results: 9x improvement on LINKD. Email open rates are between 22% and 50%.
  • Results: four new product demos from eight target accounts.

We began by identifying the challenges we faced when trying to double the number of product demonstrations in one month. Specifically, garnering our ICP’s (ideal customer profile) interest and committed attention for a demo. We knew our target market was B2B technology companies, so we had to find an effective way to engage and attract them to our product demonstrations.

To make sure we were reaching the right audience, we leveraged our intent data and intelligence which overlapped with our ICP. We used this data to identify which prospects were actively researching our product and services and which ones were most likely to be interested in attending our product demonstrations.

This allowed us to optimize our outreach and messaging tailored to prospects that were more likely to convert into paying customers. Then we built out the proper playbook across four different channels and thoughtful timing of each action. In total each prospect received four LinkedIn messages, seven emails, one SMS, and eight phone calls over a 27-day period.

Here are the key results and takeaways.

Our email saw great open rates from 22%, 39%, 44%, and 50%. Additionally, we saw a huge lift (9x) in our LNKD engagement. Interestingly, all demos were booked via an outbound phone call. We called both mobile numbers and direct lines only.
Another key takeaway- every demo booked occurred on steps 13-18. In total, we booked four demos from eight target accounts.

We are proud that we were able to double the number of product demonstrations in one month. By leveraging intent data, optimizing copy and outreach, and training talent to be persistent, we were able to reach our goal.

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