Layers of Conviction

Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, George Soros — they all only have one thing in common. And it’s the exact opposite of what they teach in a business school. It is to make large, concentrated bets where they have a lot of conviction. They’re not buying 35 or 40 names and diversifying.

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Apple Watch to be Monitoring Glucose Levels Soon?

Rockley Photonic has a technology that involves many lasers on a single microchip being bounced off a human to measure lactate, alcohol, CGM (glucose), hydration, body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate. This technology that Rockley has developed is so compelling, Apple has already paid them $70M in engineering fees. This is by no means investment advice- but this write-up provides great insight into a very compelling technology.

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Interview with Marc Andreeson

“We are getting better and better, doing more and more, with less and less”- Marc Andreeson.

Great interview with the famed VC on everything from the economy to the ark of innovation on how it is impacting society. Tons of great nuggets of information. Enjoy. 

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Sunday Bonus: This Video Broke My Brain 

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