In Q1 2022, Kazzcade interviewed over 600 technology decision-makers at enterprise companies across the United States to see where enterprise networking trends are heading. Explore industry insights on networking, security, and the use of AI to manage the network.

Profile of participating enterprises in a survey.

Most professionals participating in Kazzcade’s study, work at accounts with 500+ network users.  Here is the exact breakdown:

44% = 1,000+ users
30% = 101 – 500 users
13% = 501 – 999 users
13% = 0 – 100 users


Top Enterprise Network Concerns

At a high level, here are the main areas of focus for enterprise companies as it relates to the management and improvement of network operations.

26% = Security
21% = East of Management
19% = Performance
13% = No Challenges
11% = Connectivity
11% = Visibility


Top Network Security Concerns

As more business applications move online, and organizations expand access to applications to either remote workers or within their partner ecosystem, the number of attack vectors increases.  This is compounded by the sophistication of cyber-attacks.  Here are the general areas of enterprise network security concerns that participants prioritized.

55% = Exfiltration of sensitive data
23% = Misconfiguration of cloud platform
16% = Insecure APIs
4% = Other

Security on Personal Devices

The explosion of BYOD has added additional network security concerns for organizations.  Shockingly, 35% of enterprise organizations trust their employers to provide their own device security.

48% = Require their staff to enroll their personal devices in enterprise security system
35% = Trust their staff to provide their own security for their personal devices
17% = N/A

Use of Personal Devices on the Job

Work from home and the explosion of smartphones have accelerated the penetration of personal device use for work.  Here is the breakdown of the percentage of employees who use a personal device to perform work functions:

47% = 0-20%
16% = 21-40%
13% = 41-50%
13% = 51-75%
12% = 76-100%

AI to Manage the Network

Devices, data, and people have made enterprise networks more complex to oversee and in need of more speed to execute digital transformation strategies.  AI is becoming increasingly critical for managing growing networks. Here are the top ways AI is becoming increasingly critical for managing growing networks.

20% = Analytics
16% = Automation
13% = Data management
12% = Fraud Detection
13% = Powering Infrastructure, Solutions & Services
13% = Transferring & Cross Referencing Data
13% = Customer Service via Telephone or Chatbots

Accelerating security concerns and AI are changing the landscape of networking in new and exciting ways.  Stay informed with the latest technology offers from top vendors.

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