In today’s business landscape, generating new leads and converting them into clients can be a challenge. AI-powered tools like ChatGPT offer a solution by automating outreach processes, content, and improving success rates. In this article, we’ll show you how to leverage ChatGPT to generate 3-5 demos a month with a step-by-step guide.

Step One: Define your audience.

Clearly define your ICP. (Ideal Customer Profile). It’s obvious, but you would be surprised how many organizations don’t know who their ideal customer persona is to target.

Understanding titles within organizations is not standardized. So, there could be some variance here. However, job functions and roles are straightforward. Also- don’t forget about the actual business use of your service product. For example- our service is purchased via demand gen or the marketing team. However, providing a demo to an enterprise sales professional can be valuable as they see the immediate benefit as they are the consumer of the product.

Pull 500 prospects/leads matching the definition of your ICP. Augment these with intent intelligence. In the market, buying intent intelligence isn’t a panacea but improves engagement and ensures more personalized and targeted messaging.

For a list of all Platforms, Tools, and chat GPT Prompts, download here.

Be sure to grab both the mobile phone numbers and office lines.

Step Two: Build a Product Battle Card.

Use Chat GPT to build out a product battle card. Your product battle card needs to include:

  • Product/service Description
  • 4 Key Features and Benefits. Quantify benefits if possible.
  • 2 to 3 Key Differentiators.
  • 3-4 Key problems your solution solves
  • Use Cases. Be specific as possible of the value created.
  • ROI analysis.
  • How it Works

We need to feed ChatGPT with Data. This creates the data model chatGPT and other tools that can spin up any type of messaging.

Here is the chatGPT prompt as well as AI tools that might be useful. Tools and Prompts. If this information is in disparate locations, like text form, website, or documents, the tools provided will be helpful.

Step Three: Talk Track.

Use Chat GPT to build a talk track, for your inside sales reps. Specifically, what is required is a breakthrough statement that speaks to and evokes

  • Emotion.
  • Economic gain.
  • Strategic gain.

Cold calling is still effective. Especially when we look at attribution to website visits. But it must be part of a broader outreach campaign. It must be weaved into a cadence of outbound emails and SMS texts. More on this below.

When cold calling. You must follow the framework, not just a script. Understand your objective is to get OFF the phone. You are building Awareness and Interest (AIDA framework).

The goal is to move prospects to the Follow Up, Discovery Call, or Referral stage.

Download Tools, chatGPT Prompts, and talk track framework. Download it here.

Step Four: Cadence Building.

Use Chat GPT to build a 13 Step cadence of 7 emails and 6 phone calls to each one of the 500 prospects/leads, over 22 business days. 3,000 phone attempts and 3,500 emails with the calls interlaced amongst the emails.

The body of the email will leverage the product battle card you have built, to generate 7 emails.


  • The emails should be very personalized, and follow the AIDA marketing framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action).
  • The subject line should be 5 to 7 words. Very personal and inject exclusivity.
  • The CTA should be to visit a use case, how it works, or a section on your website to learn more. We use virtual product rooms. A digital forward format to highlight our client’s product/service.
  • DO NOT ASK THEM TO HOP ON YOUR CALENDAR. You have never met this person. The goal is to garner their attention and generate interest. They will follow up directly if they want to meet.

Download the exact GPT prompt and tools, for building the cadence structure and email copy required. Download it here.

Step Five: Training.

Rigorously train your inside salesperson. The inside sales rep needs training on two fronts. First is the product/service. We find the Richard Feynman technique of product training amazingly effective. This is where the Product Battle Card from above will be especially useful. We do product training 1x per week.

Then they need training in selling skills. This is also done 1x per week with each sales representative. Role playing and call review. Each of our reps easily has 60+ conversations with their target audience, on a weekly basis for review. We focus on the ones “not interested” to perfect objection handling.

There is a science and methodology to cold calling. The objective here is to build the top and middle of the funnel. There is a framework to call flow, objection handling, and desired outcomes. A cold call should never be more than 27 seconds.

Download Cold Call Framework and Talk track, here.

Step Six: Measure & Optimize.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We built a dashboard on AWS, so every outbound action, email, text, and phone call, is not only tracked but its engagement is measured. The tools used to execute these steps are all separate, consequently, our dashboard provides a sole source of truth.

In general, if any of the actions are below the thresholds noted below- we optimize.

  • Email Open Rates less than 20%
  • CTR less than 5%
  • Live connection on outbound call less than 5%. (We run around 10%). But if you are below 5%- you have bad data.
  • # of Follow ups, Discovery Calls scheduled, and referrals- should be the result of 35%+ of every conversation.
  • 3,300 outbound calls & 3,8750 emails executed.
  • 550 prospects successfully nurtured over 21 business days.
  • 3- 5 Demo’s or 2nd appointments per month. We do not consider a scheduled Discovery Call a “hot lead.” Our inside sales reps field those appointments.

Hope this helps. Again, you can download a complete list of tools and ChatGPT prompts here. This is all we do, and we do it at scale. Feel free to follow us on Twitter or ping us directly if you would like to learn how we can assist.

-Jim Graf