How Apple Innovates – Rise of Low Code / No Code – Fruits and Vegetables Before Domestication

How Apple Innovates

It grew from some 8,000 employees and $7 billion in revenue in 1997, the year Steve Jobs returned, to 137,000 employees and $260 billion in revenue in 2019. Much less well known are the organizational design and the associated leadership model that has played a crucial role in the company’s innovation success.

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Author: Harvard Business Review. Read: 6 minutes


The Next Frontier. Low Code/No-Code Software

A 20-year-old $500,000K between March and August. In the ’50s kids grew up building with Legos. Today they grow up building games on Roblox. Companies like Airtable and Roblox are defining the “creator” platform and how software is built in the future.

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Author: Digital Native. Read: 8 minutes

What Fruits and Vegetables Looked Like Before We Domesticated Them

Amazing how much these pieces of food have changed.

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Author: Science Alert. Read: 2 minutes


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