Hollywood Accounting and how Harry Potter Movies (technically) Lost Money and Avalanches

Return of The Jedi made $475 million at the box office, against a budget of $32 million. Yet, sadly, the physical character of Darth Vader, whose contract called for residuals on the profit of the film, never receives any money as the studio claims it has never made any money on it. Ouch.
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The Deepest Diver in the History of Free Diving Goes Below the Ice

Amazing what the body and mind are capable of performing.  For the past four years, Alexey Molchanov has been the undisputed best all-around free diver in the world. He broke yet another world record last week, this time beneath an icy surface. 


Author: NY Times

The Grandmas Who “Beat” the Stock Market

China Creates its Own Digital Currency

Thirty years ago, 16 little old ladies took the investment world by storm. During the bull market of the 1980s, they reportedly turned a few hundred dollars into six figures, outperforming even veteran bankers. It was the perfect story about a group of underdogs who used common sense, intuition, and Midwestern grit to beat the market. That is, until it all came tumbling down.

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Sunday Bonus: How Shiti Coolers Became A Multimillion-Dollar Lifestyle Brand

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