Fragility and Avalanches

When snow falls on a mountain, pockets of fragility form. Each snowfall compounds the fragility of the layers underneath. Finger-like fissures connect these pockets of fragility.  And while all looks fine from the most recent snowfall, much fragility resides on the mountain until a blast of dynamite releases the fragility. The global financial system is no different.  Just larger in scale and opaqueness.
Author: Frank Martin.  Read: 6 min. 

The Building of a New Public Internet

Invest like the best - cover
Old and new business models are getting built at a rapid pace on the innovations of blockchain technology. This interview with Chris Dixon (General Partner Andreesen Horowitz) provides fantastic insight into the opportunities and pace of change that are occurring on a global basis. Listen Here Podcast: Invest Like the Best.  Listen: 1 hr 13 min. 

China Creates its Own Digital Currency, a First for the Major Economy

China Creates its Own Digital Currency

China’s experiment has key ramifications. Digital money is trackable, and not anonymous. It is also programmable and Beijing has tested expiry dates on money as a tool to jump-start consumer spending. It could even soften the ‘bite of US sanctions’ abroad. 

Read Here 
Author: James T. Areddy  Read: 5 min. 


Sunday Bonus: Sunday Bonus: A monkey playing Pong, by using its MIND!!

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