Powerful conversations with qualified
customers delivered right to your calendar…

Conversations Build Revenue Pipeline

Kazzcade’s team of experienced sales professionals and unique results-driven outreach strategy
gives your company the edge you need to build your strongest sales pipeline, allowing your
sales team to focus on closing business…generation more revenue.

Kazzcade Edge

Performance Based Pricing

  • Paid only when conversations occur.


    • Product promotion platform.
    • Cutting Edge Martech stack.
    • Evolving outreach process.

Pipeline Progression

    • Workflows to move deal forward.
    • Analytics on deal progress.

Team Culture

  • Empowered & motivated.
  • Aligned with marketing.
  • Use data strategically.
  • Creativity is core.


    • Proprietary network of professional buyers.


    • Enterprise environment needs.

Real Results 

2x Increase in Salesforce

30-50% Increase in Pipeline.

85% of Appointments Occur at Scheduled Time.

Trusted By Thousands Of Vendors

"We've worked with Kazzcade on 700+ opportunities together since the start of our partnership less than a year ago. The positive feedback we've received from our partners is astounding! Kazzcade's strong technology background and attention to detail shines when delivering only the best qualified leads to our valued partners."

Jaci Sutton, Sr. Vendor Partner Manager,  Climb Channel Solution

"Great opportunity and handled professionally from start to finish including the preliminary profile details provided prior to the scheduled call. I've been working at this company for 5+ years and I've honestly never had a lead that was handled more impressively than this one. I think these folks are on to something here."

Debbie Ballard, America's Channel Marketing, Akamai

"We partnered with Kazzcade with the objective to help grow our reseller channel and our engagement with key partners. Leveraging Kazzcade's expertise, process and unparalleled approach allowed us to propel the growth of key new resellers and revitalize key existing partnerships."

Nancy Patterson, Channel Marketing, Enterprise Alliance Partnerships - North America, Jabra


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