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Experience performance-based pricing. Meet a world-class marketing team. Discover a proprietary community of technology buyers.

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Define Your Ideal Customer.

Firmographics, user profile, and company attributes that define an opportunity where your solution will add tremendous value!

Architect the conversation flow.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will work to clearly understand the problem your solution solves. Then design a thorough conversation flow that confirms major pain points exist and the prospect is involved in addressing the issue.

Virtual Product Room is built to showcase your product or service.

This will act as part of our top-of-the-funnel engagement process.


Configure the distribution engine.

You define how we want appointments distributed. Broadcast to all reps at once to feed the most aggressive reps, or maybe route them based on opportunity attributes like geography.

Calendar Invite with Virtual Meeting Link and 1-page write-up.

– Q&As to multiple probing questions.
– The confirmed role of prospect in Decision Making Process.
– Details on how decisions are made.
– Firmographics, Technographic, and all contact information.

Coordination and facilitation of all appointments.

Let our awesome schedulers ensure each appointment occurs and handle any rescheduling.

Dashboard, with clean and calming UI, to track, distribute, and analyze all opportunities.

Bi-weekly Progress Updates with your Customer Success Manager to ensure the campaign and appointments are performing to your expectations.


of appointments occur on the originally scheduled date and time.


of appointments result in a definitive next step.

Compete on a Different Vector

Kazzcade has a proprietary customer acquisition tool in our community of technology buyers. Gain access to an inventory of demand from the community and buyers.

Attention not available elsewhere.

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Conversations with Interested Buyers.

– Conversations turn interested people into future customers.

– 35,000+ conversations with prospects and counting.

– Antiquated B2B lead generation strategies focus on MQL’s and webforms.

– Revenue generation requires conversations. This has the greatest impact on sales team ROI.

Power-Up Your Lead Generation Tools

– Only 6-8% of marketing leads convert to a conversation.

– Sales need real conversations with accounts they are trying to land.

– Tightly align revenue goals with marketing efforts.

– Deliver your sales team the activity which has the greatest impact on revenue growth.

Kazzcade Pipeline
Client Dashboard

The Right Rep at The Right Time

Let the rules engine distribute conversations by account, contact, or solution among your sales force or partner ecosystem.

Ensure the right salesperson is speaking with the right prospect.


Discovery Platform New

Discovery Platform

Expand your product awareness on this proprietary marketing channel: Discovery Platform. Your product is featured on its own Virtual Product Room, viewed by thousands of technology decision-makers every month.


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