Leads Don't Buy.

People Do.

Kazzcade delivers conversations with tech professionals, which meet your target profile. Stop Prospecting. Start Pitching.



See Kazzcade in Action

Define your target audience or ABM


Build your firm’s product or solution profile. 


Receive calendar invites with 1 page write-up. 


Pay only for hosted conversations.


Compete on a Different Vector

Kazzcade has a proprietary customer acquisition tool in our community of technology buyers. Gain access to an inventory of demand from the community and buyers.

Attention not available elsewhere.

Conversations with Interested Buyers.

  • Conversations turn interested people into future customers.
  • 35,000+ conversations with prospects and counting
  • Antiquated B2B lead generation strategies focus on MQL’s and webforms.
  • Revenue generation requires conversations. This has the greatest impact on sales team ROI.

Power-Up Your Lead Generation Tools

  • Only 6-8% of marketing leads convert to a conversation.
  • Sales need real conversations with accounts they are trying to land.
  • Tightly align revenue goals with marketing efforts.
  • Deliver your sales team the activity which has the greatest impact on revenue growth.

The Right Rep at The Right Time

Let the rules engine distribute conversations by account, contact, or solution among your sales force or partner ecosystem.

Ensure the right salesperson is speaking with the right prospect.


Discovery Platform

Expand your product awareness on this proprietary marketing channel: Discovery Platform. Your product is featured on its own Virtual Product Room, viewed by thousands of technology decision-makers every month.