Sales Engagement and Discovery Platform

Kazzcade is a sales discovery and engagement platform, where leading technology vendors leverage our community of technology buyers and ABM outreach strategies, to showcase their products and increase their revenue pipeline. We deliver live conversations with qualified buyers within your ABM strategy in a pay-for-performance pricing model.

The Kazzcade Tech Community

Kazzcade’s proprietary network of technology decision-makers includes thousands of key contacts at enterprise organizations across North America. Our clients find tremendous value in their access to this diverse network of tech buyers. An advantage not found elsewhere.

Activate Kazzcade Marketing Channel

1.Define your target audience or provide us with the data set within your ABM strategy.

2.Build your product profile. We need to clearly understand what problem your product or service solves and the main benefits it offers.

3.Kazzcade engages buyers based on the target audience you defined. When a buyer is interested and properly fits the profile- based on the questions we have asked- a call is scheduled.

4.Your sales executives will receive a calendar invite directly onto their calendar, accompanied by a one-page write-up describing the account and opportunity.


Last Week’s Snapshot (for Our Client’s Enterprise Sales Executives)

Inside Sales Professionals

Conversations with Prospects

Booked Appointments

"We've worked with Kazzcade on 700+ opportunities together since the start of our partnership less than a year ago. The positive feedback we've received from our partners is astounding! Kazzcade's strong technology background and attention to detail shines when delivering only the best qualified leads to our valued partners."

Jaci Sutton, Sr. Vendor Partner Manager, Climb Channel Solution

“Great opportunity and handled professionally from start to finish including the preliminary profile details provided prior to the scheduled call. I’ve been working at this company for 5+ years and I’ve honestly never had a lead that was handled more impressively than this one. I think these folks are on to something here.”

Debbie Ballard, America’s Channel Marketing, Akamai

“We partnered with Kazzcade with the objective to help grow our reseller channel and our engagement with key partners. Leveraging Kazzcade’s expertise, process and unparalleled approach allowed us to propel the growth of key new resellers and revitalize key existing partnerships.”

Nancy Patterson, Channel Marketing, Enterprise Alliance Partnerships – North America, Jabra


Showcase Your Product to 3,500+ Tech Buyers

Kazzcade became an important marketing channel for technology brands to showcase their product to our over 3,500 tech buyers visiting our website every month.

Here’s how they are featured:

1.They are listed on our Discovery Platform

2.They may choose to be part of our Learn & Earn tool to showcase your product video

3. Access quarterly Market Study reports from both the buyer and the seller perspective

More Conversations = More Proposals = More Revenue

Contact Kazzcade and activate this effective marketing channel. Just find a time on the calendar link below and we’ll set up a call to explore how Kazzcade can support your marketing & sales efforts.