FinTechs are Zeroing in on Everything Big Banks aren’t and Where 185k+ Bitcoins Go Seized by The IRS?

FinTechs are Zeroing in on Everything Big Banks Aren’t

A fun way to detect how ripe a sector is for disruption is to do the ’80s test. Put yourself smack dab in the center of the store/product/service, close your eyes, spin around three times, open your eyes, and ask if you’d know that you were not in 1985. Theaters, grocery stores, gas stations, dry cleaners, university classes, doctor’s offices, and banks still feel as if you could run into Ally Sheedy or The Bangles.

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Author: Scott Galloway.  Read: 7 min 
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Compounding Crazy

Things seem pretty nuts out there right now, huh? Money is flying around the planet, billionaires are flying off of it. Things that seem anomalous and futuristic today will seem quaint and antiquated in a decade. Today’s newsworthy events will become common occurrences. The things that 2031’s naysayers naysay will be practically unimaginable from today’s perspective. This essay is the latest in a series of attempts to try to understand what’s happening in a curious, non-dismissive way. 

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Author: Packy McCormick. Not Boring  Read: 15 min. 

Primer on Space

Great interview with Tren Griffin, Director at Microsoft, describing all of the opportunity in the booming space industry.  How the space industry compares with other network foundations and how the real opportunities might be here on the ground. 

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Author: Business Breakdowns.  Listen: 55 min. 

Sunday Bonus: The IRS has Seized 185k+ Bitcoins 

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