The Changing World Order

A fantastic visual story of the rise and fall of economic empires.  Very accessible to all those curious about history and interested in a glimpse of what an economic future might look like for the United States. 

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Author: Ray Dalio   Video: 43 min


F1 Tech in Everyday Use

Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work

Interesting article on how F1 technology has found its way into everyday use including hospitals, supermarkets, and factories. Applications range from patient safety to toothpaste production.

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Author: Trung T Phan Read: 10 min

Why Netflix Should Sell Ads

The Current Financial Thing

Netflix’s historically massive YoY subscriber growth has slowed and hasn’t eclipsed the 20% mark since Q4 2020. Netflix should be hiring more people — a lot of them — and those people should be building a product that increases subscriber numbers and revenue. That product is advertising.

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Author: Stratechery, Ben Thompson  Read: 8 min.


Sunday Bonus: Three Emerging Trends in the Space Industry

The Popular Electronics Chain That Scammed America

Over the past several decades, space and satellite technology has become the invisible foundation of our digital world. 1,700 active satellites are currently orbiting the Earth, and together, they enable many of the technologies we use on a daily basis. By 2030, analysts expect the number of active satellites to increase by several magnitudes. To help you learn more, this infographic from MSCI provides an overview of the entire space opportunity. 
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