Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have an answer! We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Kazzcade and the Rewards we offer.

Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pace of execution?

We guarantee 500 leads, fully prospected, per month. Fully prospected means, we call each lead
6xs and email each lead 7x’s, until the lead exits the cadence.

What exactly is the committed deliverable?

1. 500+ Leads. ICP (Ideal Customer Profile):
a. Firmographics, Role, Title, Geography, and all contact information.-
b. First Party Data: Detailed summary of all opportunities created and
answers to all probing questions for each appointment delivered.
c. Buying Intent Intelligence. 9000+ intent topics monitored across 20
different buying signals. Augmented where applicable.

2. AI Customized omni channel outreach cadence.
a. Messaging, talk track, product battle card, and probing questions.
b. Design of programmatic, multi-channel outreach cadence
c. 6 outbound phone attempts per lead.
d. 7 emails per lead.
3. Virtual Product Room. Custom, top-of-funnel, virtual product room to showcase
products and build awareness.
4. Dedicated Inside Sales Rep. US based, trained inside sales rep to execute all
outreach. Dedicated to your product/company.
5. Training. Weekly product and sales training with your SDR to ensure constant
6. Analytics. Dashboard with real-time analytics of activity, engagement, and all
appointment details.
7. Appointment Distribution. Configurable routing of booked appts for the team.
All appointments are scheduled with Microsoft Teams link.
8. Customer Success Manager. Meeting every 2 weeks with both your Customer
Success Manager and SDR to ensure progress and proper iteration.
9. Professional Call Moderator. Joins calls to ensure attendance and kicks off
workflows for any reschedule.
10. Pace of Execution. 500 leads to be professionally prospected with 3,000 phone
attempts, 3,500 emails, and all leads nurtured to appointment, every 22 business
11. CRM integration. All lead information, activity, and notes are easily ingested into
your CRM.
12. Objective: To engage, qualify, and book as many appointments as possible per
the client’s requirements

How exactly does the pricing work?

We charge for each lead, put into the top of the funnel, which will be run through the 13 step cadence above. The price per lead is based on the number of leads purchased. We generally do not sell less than 1,500 leads, because of all the marketing, messaging, custom landing page, and training required to successfully execute the outreach.

How many appointments can I expect monthly?

Conversion can be contingent upon the unique qualification parameters you require.
Understanding we fully prospect 500 leads per month for you, and there is NO ceiling on the
number of appointments, conversion can range from 3 to 6+ per month.

What quality assurances do you have?

Most importantly- your Dedicated Rep has a big portion of his or her compensation tied directly
to your success. You will have a standing meeting with your Customer Success Manager and
Sales Development Rep, to ensure proper traction and timely iteration if needed. In addition,
most clients set up a direct Microsoft Teams channel with their CSM and SDR for even tighter
Access to your custom dashboard provides real time analytics on activity and engagement.
Lastly, a call moderator joins every appointment set up on your behalf, to ensure everyone
attends. This results in a 84% stick rate of appointments on their originally scheduled date and

How do you know when to book an appointment?

During the onboarding process you define any qualifications which need to be met, in order to
book an appointment for you or your team. This can be iterated on at any point, with your
Customer Success Manager.

How do I access my appointments or analytics?

An email notification, with a link, is sent every time an appointment is booked. The link takes
you directly to your dashboard, with a thorough summary of the appointment.
Here you can forward or accept the appointment, at which point calendar invites will go out.
In the dashboard you can also view all real time analytics of your program.