Social Tokens and Creator-Centric Economies

social tokens
Social tokens are fascinating because they combine investing, patronage, and gated access in unique ways—all in a cross-platform, unified architecture. The next era of the web is bringing a shift away from ads towards digital commerce with native currencies for both individuals and communities. Social tokens will underpin this new digital economy.
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Author: Rex Woodbury  Read: 10 min  

You’re a Neuron

The 100 billion neurons of a brain connect on average to 1,000 other neurons, for a total of 100 trillion connections—each one of them taking an informational input, processing it, and sending an informational output.

From that perspective, how are we people different from the neurons in a brain?

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Author: Tomas Pueyo.  Read: 12 min. 

How FanDuel Converted its Fantasy Sports Fans into a $1.9B Sports Betting Business

FanDuel, founded in 2009 by five friends who knew next to nothing about American football, has parlayed its fantasy fan base into a lucrative clientele for its sports-betting business, thanks to a canny acquisition by a storied Irish bookmaker.

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Author: Christopher Palmeri, Bloomberg         Read: 8 min 

Sunday Extra: The Fastest Man on Two Hands

Zion Clark, an incredibly inspirational athlete, set the Guinness World Record for fastest 20 meters walking on hands.

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