Experimenting with GPT-3 Felt Like Witnessing a Technological Revolution

OpenAI’s landmark Artificial Intelligence technology offers unfathomable capabilities. Most remarkable is its radical accessibility. Users write “prompts” in natural language, set a few basic parameters, press a button, and in seconds output is generated.

“The system has proven itself capable of writing entire articles based on a simple prompt, translating between different languages, generating recipes, composing songs, and much else. Recently, the system even taught itself to code, producing usable SQL and Python. How it does this is not immediately clear even to its creators — as a system based on neural networks, GPT-3 is a “black box,” and its internal workings are so complex that they’re likely unexplainable using any currently available mathematics.”

Access to the technology is via application only, with a current backlog of 10,000 applicants…

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Author: OneZero. Read: 13 min


Influencer IPO’s

Imagine if you were able to buy stock directly in Taylor Swift when she was just 18 years old? Or Influencer Charlie D’Amelio, who has gone from 0 followers to 200 million+ on Tik Tok in less than 2 years. The growth in Influencers, their ability to drive commerce, and fintech innovation, will pave the way to remove gatekeepers and allow investment directly into creators.

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Stripe: Platform of Platforms

The payments platform recently launched a new product (Stripe Treasury), which will allow its customers to offer banking services. In essence Banking as a Service. Now with Treasury, someone starting up a new Internet business can simply start selling goods, services, or yes, subscriptions, and have their banking needs met by the same software which is powering their business.

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Stocking Stuffer Video: Harvesting Christmas trees by helicopter. Those are impressive flying skills. 

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