Morgan Stanley Equity Market 2021 Outlook

It has been a crazy year in the equity markets. With valuations in certain sectors reaching unprecedented levels. MS provides their outlook for what one can expect in 2021 for equities. Three quick takeaways:

  • Global Growth will reach pre-pandemic levels by Q3.

  • Anticipate 10% upside from current levels.

  • The best opportunities lie in small caps.

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Author: Morgan Stanley. Read: 20 min


Comma, AI Outperforms Tesla Autopilot

All this talk about Tesla’s Autopilot and it is a scrappy startup out of Southern California garnering the top spot from Consumer Reports. A very cool solution, regardless of the car you drive.

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Author: The Drive. Read: 5 min

Software and Hardware for General Robots has a Long Way to Go!

Moravec’s Paradox describes the observation that our AI systems can solve “adult-level cognitive” tasks like chess-playing or passing text-based intelligence tests fairly easily while accomplishing basic sensorimotor skills like crawling around or grasping objects – things one-year-old children can do – are very difficult.

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Author: Eric Jang. Time: 16 min


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