As business operations become more complex, enterprise networking solutions are increasingly critical to the success of organizations. Enterprise network services from leading providers offer a wide range of benefits, from strengthening IT networks to improving network performance. Take a closer look at five trending enterprise network solutions on Kazzcade’s Discovery Platform to see the opportunities for your company!

Juniper Networks’ Wired and Wireless

Achieve an AI-driven enterprise with Juniper Networks’ wired and wireless network solutions. Featuring AI, machine learning, and cloud technologies, Juniper Networks will help you deliver optimized wireless experiences and simplify network operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Predictable, reliable, and measurable networks
  • Save time and money
  • Deliver unprecedented scale
  • Provide unparalleled user experiences
  • Continuous learning and improvement

Progress WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring

Seamlessly monitor networks, applications, and devices in the cloud or on-premises. WhatsUp Gold is a network monitoring solution from Progress (formerly Ipswitch) that gives you a complete picture of your enterprise network by understanding wired, wireless, and virtual environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatically discover entire IT environment
  • Continuously monitor infrastructure
  • Find and fix problems fast
  • Generate interactive network map
  • Get real-time alerts

Juniper Apstra System

Juniper Apstra is a multivendor automation solution that allows organizations to automate the setup of data center networks across different vendors and environments. Most importantly, the software operates as the organization wants while making it easier to identify and resolve issues, as well as implement changes.

Key Benefits:

  • Design, build, deploy, and operate data center network
  • Advanced intent-based analytics continually validates the network
  • Eliminate complexity, vulnerabilities, and outages
  • Achieve secure and resilient network
  • Improve operational efficiency

Cisco Wireless

Cisco offers powerful, customizable wireless solutions that combine the mobility of wireless with the performance of wired networks. With Cisco Wireless, you’ll achieve a dramatic performance increase compared to legacy 802.11a/g networks.

Key Benefits:

  • Cater to all network needs
  • Construct a resilient network
  • Maintain wireless connectivity
  • Simplify network expansion
  • Provide flexible management

Riverbed Network Performance Monitoring

Riverbed Unified NPM (Network Performance Management) is a solution that allows you to closely monitor and troubleshoot data center networks, cloud performance, and remote worker productivity. In essence, you’re able to visualize, optimize, accelerate, and remediate the performance of any network for any application.

Key Benefits:

  • Total visibility across all cloud environments
  • Ensure business critical apps perform across any network
  • Quickly troubleshoot complex performance issues
  • Gain deep insights into network and application performance
  • Have secure and available networks all the time

Explore Trending Enterprise Network Solutions

Businesses depend on enterprise networks solutions to achieve a variety of operational objectives, such as improving efficiency, saving resources, and enhancing user experience, but finding the right solution providers for your organization is easier said than done. The old way of buying enterprise network solutions is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee that you’re selecting the best option.

The Discovery Platform elevates the B2B tech buying process by connecting you to leading solutions in a way that’s not only interactive and informative but also gives you rewards for discovering or buying. Explore technology solutions now to take your enterprise network to the next level!

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