Ants and Food: An Ecological Mental Model for Corporate Management

Ants oscillate between exploring and exploiting.  As the investment world has been overwhelmed with analytics and computation, it is ever more important to clearly identify corporate management’s ability to optimize or be visionary, when making equity investments.

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Author: Intrinsic Investing.  Read: 17 min. 

How to Monetize Culture: The Future Business Models of the Internet

The internet is the driving force of culture: it’s how ideas spread, how content is consumed and shared, how people connect and communicate. Ad-based social networks aren’t going away. YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms will become more commerce-focused over time, and emergent platforms will likely start with subscription, microtransactions, or virtual currencies—or stitch together all three. 
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The Man Who Sold Bulletproof Raincoats

This is the story of the man who built The Sharper Image into the world’s wackiest gadget store — and how one flashy gadget ultimately led to its downfall.  The company sold merchandise through dozens of retail stores throughout the United States, a monthly catalog, and its website, along with business-to-business sales teams that marketed products for corporate incentive programs and wholesale to retailers.

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