What Comes After Smartphones?

Well over 4 billion people have a smartphone and there are 5.7 billion adults on the planet. Therefore, it is fair to say, the growth of this platform has matured.   

History can act as a guide as to what technology application or infrastructure will become the Next Big  Thing. 

The first 50 years of the auto industry were about building car companies and what the car should look like. The next 50 years were about what people did once they had a car.    

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Author: Benedict Evans. Read: 9 min.


MuZero; a big step towards General Purpose Intelligence

In 2016 Deep Mind introduced AlphaGo. An AI which mastered the ancient game of Go and beat the top players in the world.  However, to do so- the algorithm needed to be told the rules of Go. Not anymore.   

“Artificial intelligence without rules. MuZero, an algorithm designed by DeepMind, is now able to play games such as Go, chess, and some old Atari hits without needing to be told the rules.” 

A major step towards a general-purpose intelligence for real-world applications, where rules are less defined.

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Author: Deep Mind.  Read: 7 min.

Last Man Standing

As founders, CEO’s and investors begin to think about 2021, there is a very valuable insight, shared by both Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet when it comes to clarifying your objective.    

20 years after its founding, Amazon was struggling as a profitable business.  Profit margins waned from negligible to negative. Jeff Bezos famously quipped “Margins are not one of the things we are seeking to optimize. It’s the absolute dollar free cash flow per share that you want to maximize.”

Optimizing for profit margins or investment returns is a quarterly or annual objective and ignores a very powerful law of nature; compounding.

The time component is why 97% of Warren Buffet’s wealth was created after he was 65 years old.

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Author: Morgan Housel.  Read: 11 minutes. 


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