“Deep Fake” is the Future of Content Creation

A few months ago, millions of TV viewers across South Korea were watching the MBN channel to catch the latest news. Only this time it wasn’t the real anchor, Kim Joo-Ha, it was a deep fake version of herself. A computer-generated copy.
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Author: BBC news.   Read: 6 min. 

Roblox and the Importance of Thinking Long Term

I have an 11-year-old son, and I am all too familiar with Roblox. Kids 16 years and younger are averaging 2.5hrs on Roblox per day. Roblox is much more than online gaming. But rather a world for individuals to build and play games. As gaming, virtual worlds and the “metaverse” continue to take shape, this is a great, simple overview into the unique business model that is Roblox.  ($RBLX)

I also included a Twitter thread from an early investor in $RBLX. A great example of the importance of thinking long-term and being patient.  

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Twitter Thread
Author: Polygon  Read: 7 min. 

The Social Network with no Advertising

San Francisco-based Discord, saw its monthly active user base grow from 40 million to 140 million in 2020.  They have no plans to ever introduce advertising as part of their business model to drive revenue.
Author: The Wall Street Journal.   Read: 7 min. 

Sunday Visual: Great Visual on the Global Patent War 

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