Deep Dive into Semiconductor Manufacturing 

Semiconductors are the new oil. Demand for semiconductors is forcing countries and companies to rethink how these are sourced and shifting the focus of geopolitical alliances. 

This a very expensive and energy-consuming manufacturing process. Great read on what it takes to manufacture high-end semiconductors and why it is so difficult to build and operate a manufacturing facility. Below is the growth in global spending on semiconductor manufacturing capacity.  

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Author: Deep Forest. Read: 12 min.  


10 Lessons of an MIT Education 

Famed MIT math professor, Gian Carlo Rota, lays out his top 10 lessons of learning. These are real-life lessons as well. Here is my favorite: 

By and large, “knowing how” matters more than “knowing what.” 

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Author: Gian Carlo Rota. Read: 16 min. 

How Is Bitcoin Created?

At this point, nearly everyone has heard of bitcoin. Bitcoin has gotten a lot of press, and not all of it good. So is it Internet money, an alternative currency, a parallel financial system, a new way of life? The answer is yes, it’s all of those things and more.

But many folks still don’t quite understand how the currency is created. So, enjoy an illustrated guide to bitcoin mining, blockchains, and the “minting” process of cryptocurrency’s most popular coin.

Author: The Hustle. Read: 8 min.


The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

On February 18th just before 4 p.m. eastern time, the hulking, multibillion-dollar NASA rover Perseverance landed safely on the red planet after a 300-million-mile journey and a nerve-racking plunge to the Martian surface. Watch this fantastic video, some amazing work gone into this rover, nothing like it seen before!

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