Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

This is a paradigm shift in the economic structure of an organization. It is being brought on with the use of blockchain technology and could redefine how companies are structured. A DAO is “decentralized” in that it runs on a blockchain and gives decision-making power to stakeholders instead of executives or board members, and “autonomous” in that it uses smart contracts, which are essentially applications or programs that run on a publicly accessible blockchain and trigger an action if certain conditions are met, without the need for human intervention.
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The Future of Investing Directly In People

The evolution of the “creator economy” continues to impact our lives, businesses, and behaviors. We’ve watched a robust ecosystem of game creators earn millions in 2020. But we’ve also observed that creators don’t have the tools to manage and grow their businesses. A new product called Juice Funds lets creators invest in other creators has evolved. MrBeast — arguably the most popular YouTuber in the world, with 55 million subscribers — will invest $2 million into up-and-coming YouTube creators.
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World’s First Ship Tunnel to be Built Under Norwegian Mountains

A mile-long, 118-feet-wide tunnel will burrow through the mountainous Stadhavet peninsula in northwestern Norway. The world’s first ship tunnel is designed to help vessels navigate the treacherous Stadhavet Sea. Sometimes ships have to wait for days in the nearest harbor for weather conditions to improve. Making ship’s journeys safer and smoother could lead to a high-speed ferry service, and also strengthen the area’s industrial and commercial activities.

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Sunday Humor – People and Their Passwords!

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