Liv Boeree: Poker, Game Theory, AI Simulation and Aliens

“Technology is not value neutral. It is a double-edged sword.”

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Author: Lex Fridman.  Listen: 3hrs 40 min

Austria’s Silent Monopolies On Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing – EV Group & IMS Nanofabrication

Despite this lack of notoriety, Austria’s EV Group and IMS Nanofabrication are quietly critical for all advanced semiconductor manufacturing. Every advanced logic, DRAM, NAND, and image sensor fabrication company relies on products from these two firms. Through these two firms, Austria’s market share is 82% in wafer bonding and over 95% of production multibeam mask writers. Finding replacement suppliers would require considerable time to achieve parity in technology and supply chain scale.

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 CAC: Customer Acquisition Chaos

The internet revamped the age-old process of connecting brands and customers. It’s no longer as simple as wandering the market in your town square, or driving to your local mall to browse shops. Brands are competing for customers in a complex, expensive, and always-evolving digital environment.

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Author: Digital Native by Rex Woodbury   Read: 11 min

 Sunday Bonus: The Architect Who Became The King Of Bank Robberies

George Leonidas Leslie orchestrated an estimated 80% of all bank robberies in the US in the late 1800s — a total haul worth millions — all while living a strange double life. Read More


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