Putting a Price Tag on Cool

The rise of Cash App. The most underrated social network. 

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Author: Rex Woodbury  Read: 12 min


NASA Moves Forward with Solar Sail Project

Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work

The concept of solar sails is an old one — they were first proposed in the 1980s. The gist is that you equip a vessel with a lightweight sail that translates the pressure from solar radiation into propulsion. The problem is that a solar sail has to be much larger than the spacecraft it’s dragging along.

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Author: Ryan Whitwam   Read: 3 min.

 Reinventing the Internet

A new podcast episode with Marc Andreesen & Chris Dixon on reinventing the internet & a16z’s new $4.5B crypto fund. Chris Dixon is the master of Web3 mental models. The journey of Andreessen Horowitz is the history of the internet itself—from Web1 builders to Web2 disruptors. This episode will break the internet… or fix it.

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 Sunday Bonus: Why America Has so Few Carpenters

The Great Recession led to a carpenter exodus. But cultural and pay issues have stunted the profession’s growth for far longer... Read More

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