Buying a beer with your fingertip

To buy a beer at a convenience store, you need to show your ID to prove your age and identity. Then you need to pull out a card to pay. Imagine being able to perform both functions by simply scanning your face or fingerprint at checkout. It is already happening.


Clear, is an identity ecosystem, originally used mainly at airports to provide fast pass the security check-in. Equipped with millions of users, fingerprints, credit cards, facial scans, and identity information, they are now moving into many other venues to provide biometric identity. They recently signed a deal with Budweiser, to have vending machines, with their technology to be deployed at certain stadiums.

Due to their product positioning, they have a unique advantage in the physical and digital identity space.

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Author: One Zero • 9-minutes read


AI will change What you do not How you do it

It isn’t uncommon for organizations to leverage technology to automate processes to lower costs, especially during a downturn. However, these benefits are short-lived. The best companies will harness technology to reimagine work. Goldman Sachs’, virtual bank Marcus, is just such an example.

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Author: Harvard Business Review • 4-minutes read

How your Zoom calls will look in the future

Short demo, by Nividia, on how Generative Adversarial Networks, use AI to process higher fidelity video calls with lower bandwidth. Get a glimpse of how video conference calls will be experienced in the future.

Author: NVIDIA • View Time: 5 minutes



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