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Save time and energy by discovering and evaluating solutions, system integrators, IT Professional service firms, and vendors. In one click.

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Get it done. Faster.

Broadkast’s service is designed to help you find the right product, or technology partner, faster. We do this by providing a curated network of the top IT providers, system integrators, and technology consultancies, representing ALL the major vendors ready to assess your specific technology needs. With one click, you begin evaluating products and partners.

The Best advice. The Best vendors. The Best way to evaluate.

Finding the best-fit product or technology partner, for your business shouldn’t take all day. Whether it is migrating applications to the cloud or looking to lower costs by leveraging AI. We’ve done the work for you by building a network of technology partners and system integrators representing all the leading technology vendors. (AWS, Microsoft, Google, HPE, PaloAlto Networks, Cisco, Okta, to name a few) No more time wasted filling out forms, sending out emails, and coordinating meetings.

Less time searching. Less time coordinating. Less time scheduling. Less frustration.

Reduce the timeline on your IT projects. Evaluate multiple partners, products, or solutions via one click, specific to your unique use case or need. Immediately hear how they would address the specifics of your use case. Shorten the discovery and evaluation cycle. No wasting time. No commitment.

Your requirements. Your time. Your peace of mind.

From lowering your cloud costs via optimization to finding the best data analytics tool, you evaluate IT partners and products as it relates to your requirements and usecase. On your timeline. No commitment to any vendor. Completely private.

Our network… is your network.

We have built the best network of system integrators, IT partners, and professional service firms representing all the major brands and products.

We work. So you don’t have to.

Our intention is to make the job of solving enterprise technology problems faster, easier, and more rewarding.

We work to create a curated network of leading system integrators, IT partners, and professional service firms. Representing all the leading technology products and brands. Discovery and evaluation is fast and informative.

No commitments. No fees.

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