The first marketing platform that allows organizations to “crowd-source” sales qualified leads in a standardized format across their specified sales distribution network.

What Problems Does BroadKast Solve?

Slow execution of marketing campaigns.

Organizations struggle with the pace of execution of appointment setting campaigns by 3rd party agencies. This is due to agency capacity.

Data management.

Organizing this lead information from various sources, provide in different formats, can be very time consuming.

Time spent managing multiple agencies.

Marketing departments spend a lot of time managing the various 3rd party agencies, communicating campaign objectives, product features, and managing progress reporting.

Inconsistent standards and deliverables.

Agencies operate with different workflows and deliverables, resulting in inconsistent levels of quality and user experience by sales people and channel sales.

Why BroadKast is the Perfect Product to Address These Problems?

Faster Execution of Marketing Campaigns

Leverage the power of multiple 3rd party agencies on one platform, resulting in faster execution.

Standardize on Excellence of Lead Quality

  • Remove all variability of what constitutes a great appointment for your sales team.
  • Clearly define all parameters which must be on all submitted appointments.

Better Experience for Sales Teams and Partner Ecosystem

Standardize on a top-of-the-line user experience for both your direct sales team and channel sales professionals, regardless of 3rd party marketing agency being used, and the type of deliverable (MQL or SQL).

Save Time Managing 3rd Party Data

  • All data generated from 3rd party agencies are on one platform.
  • No more manual effort to analyze, track, and ingest data into CRM.

Automatic Routing of Appointments

  • Let the rules engine distribute conversations by account, contact, or opportunity type among your sales force or partner ecosystem.
  • No manual distributing appointments amongst your partner ecosystem or salesforce.

Increase ROI on Marketing Investment

The rules engine ensures no duplication of Account Appointments are submitted per campaign, regardless of the number of 3rd party marketing firms executing.

Deeper and Improved ROI Analytics

  • Every marketing campaign is different. Now you can have customized feedback from each sales professional who took an appointment.
  • Ensure feedback on every appointment or MQL delivered. BroadKast governing tools and workflows, require sales professionals to provide feedback on each opportunity consumed.


Have opportunities broadcasted to all participating sales reps at once, the first to claim the appointment gets it. Reward the behavior you want!

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