We Are at The Beginning of The Internet

Despite the internet being 30 years old, the total net income of internet companies is just 7% of the total global net income generated. The total volume of goods and services sold through the internet is still only 5-8%  of global GDP. This will reach a penetration rate north of 50%. 

Ram Parameswaran, an early investor in Square, ByteDance, Pinduoduo, and Udaan, discusses the math of how we are at the beginning of the S curve for internet growth. He also lays out the most important attributes to identify when investing in or building internet businesses. Great listen.    

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How High Can Bitcoin Go?

It is impossible to be in finance or tech and not be aware of Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology. Bitcoin has appreciated in value from $50 in March of 2010 to $41,904 on January 8th, 2021. It is the best performing asset in the 21st century. This is a great white paper outlining the 4 drivers and use cases, of the investment thesis.  


  • Store of Value. (Digital Gold) 
  • Global Settlement Network. 
  • Protection against seizure of assets. 
  • Currency demonetization in emerging markets. 

Informational purposes only. Not investment advice. 

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Amazon Buys Its First Planes and Expands Its Network

Amazon announced it had bought 11 used Boeing 767-300 passenger jets from struggling airlines Delta and WestJet.

“The platform is now likely to be a larger supply chain provider than either FedEx or UPS in just a few years, with the potential to launch as an independent carrier in the US – and then perhaps globally”. 

“Given the data it owns and its proven record of delivering a customer-centric service at scale, Amazon would be a highly credible competitor to existing logistics companies”.  


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A Little Sunday Morning Inspiration

Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, speaking to his team, in his apartment, in 1999.

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