Big Ideas 2021

Cathie Woods and the team over at Ark Invest have published their top platforms of innovation.  Highly recommend downloading and reading.  Ark has significantly outperformed the market by understanding disruption.

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The Power of a Platform

Most businesses and industries are built around “hits” or products.   Here is the power of building a platform as illustrated by Apple’s App Store Billings.

The Value Chain of the Open Metaverse

Most people equate blockchain with Bitcoin. And while I am a huge fan of Bitcoin, the underlying technology goes way beyond a new reserve currency. 
  • Web3 allows value to accrue to those who create and those who consume.
  • Decentralized networks allow for platforms to be built, which no one entity owns yet everyone trusts.  There is interoperability and value (money) can be transferred. 
  • At the heart of these networks are consensus protocols and standards baked in.

Want your internet browser to pay you every time you view an ad?

A great read for a base understanding of the potential of decentralized networks.

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