Are banks going to disappear?

Bill Gates once said, “Banking is necessary, banks are not.” Increasingly, financial functions are being embedded into technology platforms. From personal wallets and credit cards by Apple to business working capital loans from Square.

Here is a fun fact: CashApp and Venmo acquired 60 million users in 7 years. Organically. It took JP Morgan 30 years and 5 acquisitions to do the same.

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Author: The Generalist • 16-minute read


The first bionic eye 

Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia have built a bionic device, which restores vision to the blind through a brain implant. Clinic trials to start soon.

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Author: Futurism • 3-minutes read

Why Venture Capitalists love SaaS businesses

Great insight into the economics of SaaS businesses. Most SaaS companies spend less than $1, to acquire $1 of Annual Recurring Revenue. Lower cost to acquire revenue and the revenue is higher quality, explains why these companies achieve such high valuations.

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Author: The Start Up • 3-minutes read


Weekend treat. Cool video of SpaceX Starship practice landing. Enjoy,

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