Investing in Innovation

Innovation stocks have become a popular investment theme but are facing scrutiny. We build a half-century backtest of innovation that invests in a rotating portfolio of technologies trending in patent data. Innovation has delivered positive long-term returns distinct from growth and other traditional factors. While innovation is prone to speculative bubbles, this can be mitigated using valuation and other intangible pillars.

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Author: Kai Wu,  Founder & CIO, Sparkline Capital Read: 28 min 


Are NFTs the Future of Subscriptions?

Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work

Many creators and brands rely on subscriptions to make a living. But traditional subscriptions are built on platforms that could change rates and policies at any time. The author believes that we’ll see a rapid shift to NFT memberships in the near future. This shift is a massive opportunity for web3 companies. 

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Author: Peter Yang  Read: 10 min

 Snapchat’s Flying Camera

The Current Financial Thing

A flying camera is the latest release from Snap, the company best known for its photo-sharing app Snapchat. The little yellow drone, called Pixy, is described by the company as a “free-flying sidekick” which can help people take selfies without a selfie stick.

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Author: The Verge  Read: 8 min.


Sunday Bonus: The Strange Business of Hole-In-One Insurance

If you’ve ever watched a golf tournament or charity event, you’ve probably seen some kind of prize (a cash payout, a flashy car, a vacation package) for acing a specified hole. The chances of this happening for an amateur golfer are minuscule (~1 in 12.5k). But most organizers can’t risk getting stuck with the bill. Instead, they turn to hole-in-one insurance firms that assume the risk for a small fee. Read More

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