Apple Has a Decade-Long Lead in Wearables

Six years after releasing the Apple Watch, it’s still not clear who is going to represent genuine competition for Apple in the wearables space.

Apple has at least a four-to-five year lead over the competition when thinking about just the technology powering its wearables. Apple’s lead in wearables wasn’t driven by any one factor or item. Instead, a series of events came together to give Apple an advantage. Let’s dive deeper into that! 

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Author: Above Avalon   Read: 8 min.


Why Skyrocketing Import Costs Are Hammering Amazon Sellers (And You)

Shipping one container from China to the U.S. cost $2,000 a year ago. Now it’s up to $15,000, leaving sellers scrambling and causing product prices to rise.

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Author: Alex Kantrowitz    Read: 5 min. 

Answering the Techno-Pessimists

The techno-optimist believes that future innovations will indeed drive a resurgence of growth. The pessimist sees no return to growth and believes our best innovations are behind us. The arguments of the techno-pessimists are not specious or ridiculous — indeed, they are very powerful. There’s no denying the reality of the recent productivity slowdown, or the fact that it’s getting more expensive to get scientific results (at least within specific fields). Techno-optimists have a very difficult task — predicting not only that the trends will reverse, but identifying which specific technologies will enable that reversal.

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Author: Noah Smith.  Read: 25 min


Sunday Bonus: The Evolution of a Meme

The best part of watching memes go viral is seeing how creative people get with remixing jokes. Here’s one example: you know how spinach wilts when you cook it? And it shrinks from a handful down to… well, nothing?

Author: Dr. Parik Patel, BA, CFA, ACCA, Esq., The Hustle

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