The Dematerialization of the Economy

In 1850, the only way to listen to music was a physical presence at a concert. Then came player piano rolls, vinyl records, CDs, and now streaming. Innovations that whittled the material contribution to music down to almost nothing 

Today, almost all of the value of a streamed or downloaded song goes toward intangible capital: the artist, the songwriter, the label, the publisher, or the platform.   

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Author: Wall Street Journal. Read: 13 min. 


Designed to Deceive

Do these look like people you have seen on Twitter or Facebook? Or someone who provided a product review on Amazon? Maybe a person you saw on a dating app like Tinder? Think again.  

Born from the mind of a computer.

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Video Scroll: New York Times. View Time: 2 minutes. 

7 Business Predictions for 2021

Why Airbnb, Walmart, and Robinhood will be the most important companies to watch this year. 

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Author: Scott Galloway. Read: 8 min. 


Extra Visual Insight

A great example of Digital Transformation being accelerated.  Financial Times. 

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