Admin Role: How It Works

  1. Click the Assign button on the Opportunity.
  2. Enter the Email, of the individual you wish to receive the calendar invite for this Appointment.
  3. Press Submit.

The individual you Assigned the Opportunity to, will now receive a link, via email, for the Appointment Opportunity.

The Assigned Sales Rep will be asked to click the Appointment Opportunity Link, and Claim the Appointment. At which point a calendar invite is sent to them.


Unassigned Tab: All the Opportunities in this tab still NEEDS a sales representative to be assigned.

Assigned Tab: Any Opportunity in this tab, has NOT been claimed by the individual it was ASSIGNED to. Consequently, they have not received a calendar invite. Be sure to send them a reminder.

Claimed Tab: All of these Appointments have been Assigned to a Sales Rep, and the Sales Rep has received a calendar invite.

Analytics Tab: Here you will find all of the reporting for each of the campaigns you might be running. Analytics at both the Campaign level and Opportunity level. All of this information is updated in real time and can be downloaded in CSV or Excel format.

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