A Look At The Lightning Network

The article examines the relationship between a monetary asset being a store of value vs being a medium of exchange.

Specifically, it focuses on the scaling method of the Bitcoin network as its main example, but also takes a broad look at the history of trade-offs in the cryptocurrency space as well to see why a layered approach makes the most sense.

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Author: Lyn Alden.  Read: 16 min

New Approach To Car Batteries Is About To Transform Car EVs

A number of EV companies, including Tesla, are making key advancements on battery design. Specifically, the companies are coming up with innovative solutions to the “weight spiral” dilemma. All EVs want longer range — but longer range traditionally requires larger battery packs which increase the weight of the car, which in turn requires larger brakes, which then, of course, means larger wheels and so on and so forth. But Tesla and a number of Chinese EV companies have a solution to this issue…

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Author: Wired.com Read: 6 min

 Invest Like The Best: David Senra – Passion & Pain

David Senra is the creator of the Founders podcast. He has studied history’s great founders and entrepreneurs in more depth than anyone we’ve ever met. In this conversation, they cover many of the most common themes he’s discovered studying hundreds of entrepreneurs like Estée Lauder, John Rockefeller, Enzo Ferrari, and Edwin Land. Please enjoy this great conversation with David Senra.

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Author: Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy   Listen: 1 hr 22 min

 Sunday Bonus: The People’s Republic of Shein

Shein continues its rise with American shoppers, who don’t mind the controversies. Read More


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