Curators All the Way Down

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There is a major power shift in our world of abundance. Consumers are getting smarter and want something better- better sources, better designs, and better durability. It’s about fidelity, not convenience. As a result, power is shifting to curators. Which is different than an influencer. Just because you have 100K followers to watch your silly antics, doesn’t mean you have good taste. And when the role of “curation” is at the forefront of every purchasing decision. Trust is the currency. 

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Gas on High

Natural gas prices have skyrocketed as of late. Especially in the UK. The implications here are important. The surge in gas prices halted CF Industries fertilizer operations in the country, prompting food scarcity concerns and calls for a three-day workweek– a maneuver not seen since a previous energy supply concerns in the 1970s. British Steel has pressed pause on operations periodically as prices are “spiraling out of control,” and absorbing the cost is too punitive. Just yesterday, Europe’s largest zinc smelter announced it was curtailing production due to electricity costs.

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Scientists Develop Next Generation Reservoir Computing


A relatively new type of computing that mimics the way the human brain works was already transforming how scientists could tackle some of the most difficult information processing problems. 

Now, researchers have found a way to make what is called reservoir computing work between 33 and a million times faster, with significantly fewer computing resources and less data input needed. In fact, in one test of this next-generation reservoir computing, researchers solved a complex computing problem in less than a second on a desktop computer

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Sunday Funnies: 23 Years Ago Google Signed its First Data Center Contract

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