5 Reasons You Should Stop Buying Hardware and Start Using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

At Kazzcade, we understand how business costs can quickly pile up for owners. Being savvy at every turn is crucial, particularly when buying technology. Something you may not even realize that could be eating up costs is when you purchase hardware equipment.

Between the valuable space these take up and the need to buy other products for maintenance and support, the total expense can be overwhelming. So, how do you manage these pricey purchases?

Advantages of IaaS Platforms

Our solution: Switch from hardware to infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Here are five reasons why you should stop buying hardware altogether in favor of IaaS platforms, such as HPE GreenLake.

1. Better Budget

When you make the shift from hardware to IaaS, you are freeing up cash flow and reducing the need to plan for long-term capital expenditures. HPE GreenLake, for example, is a scalable IT IaaS that provides a consumption-based model more closely aligned to capacity usage. Plus, HPE GreenLake offers a pay-as-you-go model, which is an even better option for your business expenses.

2. Save Floor Space

Between servers and storage devices from infrastructure, you’re ultimately saving much more floor space than you would be with hardware and all its accompanying equipment. Plus, the transition to IaaS allows more capacity for your growing needs as a business, both physically and metaphorically, whereas hardware isn’t as easily replaced or upgraded. When you reduce the need to invest in IT infrastructure, CapEx savings is realized.

3. Adapt to Ever-Changing Needs

Flexible IaaS models, like HPE GreenLake, allow IT organizations to easily scale up to handle fluctuations in demand and changing market conditions. This provides organizations with the agility to scale and grow fast without the burden of identifying and procuring new infrastructure. There’s no fear of falling behind or having to purchase new hardware every time you turn around, especially in the case of updates or repairs.

4. Top-Notch Support

With IaaS, organizations are able to get personalized support to augment their IT teams. This helps free up internal resources and allows focus on more value-added and innovative opportunities. As a result, productivity can be increased as well, since the time-to-value of business initiatives are improved. With HPE GreenLake, in particular, IT productivity is expanded from additional support resources and years of expertise.

5. Extra Capacity

There’s always the risk of running into hardware problems and facing significant downtime, which lowers productivity. How IaaS helps is by minimizing that downtime and making a rapid switch to other servers, ones with higher capacity and standby when needed. HPE GreenLake is one such system that reduces and removes the time associated with capacity planning, keeping your business running smoothly.

Switch to a Solution That Works

Though it may seem daunting, in the long run, this switch from hardware to IaaS will be cost-effective and beneficial. HPE GreenLake has many key features that will help your business to flourish. At Kazzcade, we want to introduce you to ways in which technology can advance your company. Join our community to explore enterprise technology solutions such as cloud computing, network security and network solutions, all while earning rewards!