5 Lessons from Dave Chappelle – The Rise of the Non-Expert Expert – The Next Frontier for Platforms

5 Lessons from Dave Chappelle

No better example of disintermediation from the internet than the entertainment and media business. Power accrues to the creators and aggregators. Great read (watch) on this shift.

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Author: Ben Thompson. Read: 7 min


The Rise of the Non-Expert Expert

What used to distinguish senior software engineers, from junior engineers, was the depth of knowledge they had about any given programming language and operating system.

Now it is about the breadth and, I think, the ability to discern patterns and carry them across multiple parts of a stack, multiple stacks, and multiple jobs working in multiple industries.

The # of tools available for ONE area of lifecycle development.

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Author: Normcore Tech. Read: 14 mins

Social Audio. The Next Frontier for Platforms

Did you know if Apple Airpods were a stand-alone business it would be larger than Shopify, or Square! The audio industry is exploding and is a native way for humans to interact. Yet, despite the growth in podcasting, there is a huge opportunity for a UGC audio platform to emerge.

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Author: Digital Native. Read Time: 19 mins



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