Your Sales Reps are not pitching to enough new clients.

The selling landscape has shifted. Marketing and inside sales teams struggle to consistently engage and develop new account meetings for your sales team.

See who is leveling up their sales funnel with Kazzcade!

Why? Because building, managing, and optimizing performance marketing campaigns & inside sales teams to generate new customer meetings is complicated, expensive, difficult, time-consuming, and confusing.

We build it… for you.

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    Top of the funnel

    Top of the funnel leads sourced with, industry-leading, “in-market buying intent” data, focused on your target audience, used to fill your campaign. (9,000 topics monitored)

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    Proprietary AI

    Proprietary AI-assisted, product positioning battle card, 1 to 1 messaging using the AIDA framework, and talk tracks built for your product or service.

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    Programmatic outreach

    Programmatic outreach, across multiple channels, with 13 touch points per prospect in a month.

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    Custom landing page

    Custom landing page to showcase your product or service. Built to drive awareness and engagement.

We execute and optimize… for you.

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    Dedicated Sales Development

    Dedicated Sales Development Rep to your company. US based, to execute all outreach.

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    Weekly training

    Weekly training, on the most advanced sales and product skills to compound effectiveness of outreach.

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    13, multi-channel, touch points per prospect in your campaign. Resulting in 7,500 touchpoints across 500 prospects, each month.

We grow your revenues… for you.

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    Real-time analytics

    Real time analytics, so you can monitor activity and engagement.

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    Customizable distribution

    Customizable distribution of prospect meetings set up for your team.

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    Bi-weekly check-in calls with your CSM and Sales Development Rep.

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    Sales Assistant

    Sales Assistant to join each of your schedule calls to ensure prospects attend.

“Good quality leads can be the driving force behind any successful business. Thankfully I have been very fortunate to work with Kazzcade, who consistently delivers on this important aspect. Their expertise and dedication have been invaluable in ensuring that our partners receive the highest quality service and support, which in turn strengthens our relationships with them. I am truly grateful to be working alongside such a talented and committed team at Kazzcade, and I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future.”

– Heidi M.

“The professionalism with the engagements, along with the detailed opportunities and the granularity of marketplace feedback is remarkable. As a marketing executive, it is a huge win and an immense resource for our pipeline.“

– Patty A.

“Wow. How does Kazzcade do it? Their ability to drive engagement with greenfield accounts has been fantastic. Coupled with the real-time analytics on activity and engagement, it saves me a bunch of time.”

– James K.

“I wish I had found Kazzcade sooner. Their user-friendly app- providing real-time analytics on activity and engagement, saves me a bunch of time. And their ability to drive engagement with new accounts, while providing granularity on needs, has been fantastic for our team.”


– Christine D.

“The level of engagement, along with the granularity of marketplace feedback has exceeded our expectations. As a marketing executive, it is a huge win.“

– Jocelyn E.

“I’ve had a great experience with Kazzcade! Their platform is highly effective in driving engagement with prospective customers, which has been extremely beneficial for us. The platform also provides excellent analytics on all your customers’ activity and engagement.”

– Christopher W.

A glimpse of our results

B2B Marketing Client

25 Days
34.7% Email open rate
186 Conversations
8 Follow-ups set
6 Discovery calls scheduled
2 Demos hosted

Security MSP Client

35 Days
28% Email open rate
1,177 Phone attempts
8 Follow-ups booked
6 Discovery Calls scheduled
4 Demos hosted

Data Storage Client

10 Days
960 Phone attempts
1,100 Emails
132 Conversations
3 Follow-ups booked
5 Discovery calls scheduled

Finally, a way to save money and grow your sales.

Save Money

You get the best in class, talent, technologies, and tactics at a fraction of the cost. 47% increase in ROI on marketing spend.

Increase Your Engagement

Custom AI-powered messaging and optimization. Our engagement rates with your prospects will be 2.5x the industry average.

Add Consistency to Your Sales Growth

500 leads engaged every 30 days on your behalf. 28% increase in the number of demos.

Are you a marketing or sales professional looking to end the prospecting nightmare?

No more…..leads my team can’t get on the phone.
No more….white space on my sales team’s calendar.
No more….useless email campaigns.
No more.…missing our revenue targets.

Simple Pricing. Unbeatable Value.

Investment Options




500 + Leads
$10 per Lead
Everything Included




3,000+ Leads
$9 per Lead
Everything Included




6,000 Leads
$8 Per Lead
Everything Included

Ready to 10x…

Sales reps spend less than 20% of their time pitching new accounts. And less than 52% of sales reps hit their quota.

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