We programmatically generate new account demos for B2B enterprises

So your sales team can focus on Selling

Trusted Globally from Startups to Fortune 500

Why? Because building out marketing campaigns & managing sales reps to generate live demos is expensive, difficult, time-consuming, and confusing.

Demand Generation & Sales Outreach made simple

Top Of The Funnel

  • Industry-leading buying intent data (9,000 topics monitored).
  • Best-in-class marketing tech stack.
  • Custom landing page built for awareness and engagement.

Middle Of The Funnel

  • Proprietary AI crafted, product positioning statements, messaging, and talk tracks.
  • 13, multi-channel, touch points per lead.
  • Trained and managed Inside Sales Professional.

Bottom Of The Funnel

  • Real-time analytics on activity and engagement.
  • Dynamic distribution of leads/appointments.
  • Bi-weekly check-in calls with your CSM and Inside Sales Rep.

Designed, Built, Executed and Optimized for You


Trusted By 1000+ Sales and Marketing Professionals

“The professionalism with the engagements, along with the detailed opportunities and the granularity of marketplace feedback is remarkable. As a marketing executive, it is a huge win and an immense resource for our pipeline.“

– Patty A.

“Wow. How does Kazzcade do it? Their ability to drive engagement with greenfield accounts has been fantastic. Coupled with the real-time analytics on activity and engagement, it saves me a bunch of time.”

– James K.

“I wish I had found Kazzcade sooner. Their user-friendly app- providing real-time analytics on activity and engagement, saves me a bunch of time. And their ability to drive engagement with new accounts, while providing granularity on needs, has been fantastic for our team.” 

– Christine D.

“The level of engagement, along with the granularity of marketplace feedback has exceeded our expectations. As a marketing executive, it is a huge win. “ 

– Jocelyn E.

“I’ve had a great experience with Kazzcade! Their platform is highly effective in driving engagement with prospective customers, which has been extremely beneficial for us. The platform also provides excellent analytics on all your customers’ activity and engagement.”

– Christopher W.

“Good quality leads can be the driving force behind any successful business. Thankfully I have been very fortunate to work with Kazzcade, who consistently delivers on this important aspect. Their expertise and dedication have been invaluable in ensuring that our partners receive the highest quality service and support, which in turn strengthens our relationships with them. I am truly grateful to be working alongside such a talented and committed team at Kazzcade, and I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future.”

– Heidi M.

Time to Accelerate Your Sales Funnel

Lower Cost

Best in class, talent, technologies, and tactics at a fraction of the cost. 47% increase in ROI on marketing spend.

Better Engagement

Custom AI-powered messaging and optimization. Our engagement rates are 2.5x industry average. 

Consistent Sales Pipeline Growth

500 leads engaged every 30 days. 28% increase in number of demos. 

How To Begin


Meet with our team to confirm your requirements and discuss our methodology and approach.


We design and build the technology stack, marketing campaign, Inside Sales Rep, and analytics dashboard to embed in your organization.


We host a kickoff call, review KPI’s, begin execution of building your sales funnel.

Simple Pricing. Unbeatable Value.

Investment Options

500+ Leads



Everything Included

3000+ Leads



Everything Included

6000+ Leads



Everything Included

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