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How It Works

1. Post your objective

Briefly describe the technical objective or business goal you are looking to achieve.

This can be started by either submitting the basics of your objective in the form below or connecting directly with one of our Tech Ambassadors (example: “looking to sync AWS and Salesforce in real-time”).

2. Meet your Ambassador

Your personal Technology Ambassador will connect with you (within 24 hrs.) to garner more details about your objective.

They will then highlight all tools on our network which might be worth investigating.

You then select which brands and products you want to learn more about.

3. Get introduced

Your Tech Ambassador will coordinate as many or as few introductions with these vendors as you would like.

Sit back, accept your requested calendar invite, and learn how a new technology can address your objective.

4. Get rewarded 

Any time you book an evaluation for a tool or solution from our network, you receive a reward.

Our way of saying thank you for using Kazzcade’s services to identify your technology solutions.

Help me Help you!

(Yes, we know Jerry McGuire too wink)

How Kazzcade Best Serves You



The pace of innovation is accelerating. The number of tools being launched, coupled with buy versus build decisions, can make the discovery process of potential solutions, for your objective very time-consuming.



You are assigned a personal Technology Ambassador, who is focused on what you are trying to find. Not push of products or solutions.



Automation is great. But sometimes, it’s just easier to verbalize what you are trying to achieve, one time.



We know your time is valuable. We know we must earn your loyalty. This is why each engagement with Kazzcade earns rewards.

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